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Answers to common questions about owning a Bach to Rock music franchise

teaching music at our education franchise

How much does a franchise cost?

The typical investment for a Bach to Rock franchise is $241,500 to $531,500.

How long does it take to open a Bach to Rock?

It can take four to six months after signing a lease to open a Bach to Rock school.

How is Bach to Rock different from other music instruction?

We believe music instruction should be fun. We also encourage students to learn to play the music they love. We rely on performance-based instruction, putting our students in groups and ensembles and scheduling them to play at public concerts in their communities. Our proprietary curriculum engages kids immediately and keeps them interested long after they would have given up on traditional lessons.

What are the financial qualifications to become a franchisee?

We are seeking someone with a minimum net worth of $500,000 and at least $100,000 in liquid capital.

Does Bach to Rock have a system in place to support franchise financing?

FranchiseRegistry_logoBach to Rock understands that easing the way for your franchise financing application begins with our ability to help make it easier for lenders to finance your business.  For SBA Financing, this starts with proving to lenders that we are a viable franchise and have passed SBA eligibility requirements. We have enabled this by having our SBA eligibility documentation accessible to lenders 24/7 on the Franchise Registry. The Franchise Registry’s SBA Eligibility service that we utilize helps lenders throughout the lifecycle of a loan.  Lenders also have access to a dedicated Lender Specialist who they can call with any questions or problems, for more information go to

Why does music education matter?

Involvement in music positively affects everything from neurological development to social behavior and academic achievement. Numerous studies have shown it deeply enriches many aspects of children’s lives.

How much money can I make?

Total sales of our Bach to Rock schools open more than 1 year, according to our 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document, are as follows:

2022 System
Average Open
12+ & 24+
2022 System
Average Open
36+ Months
2022 System
Average Open
12+ Months
2022 System
Average Open
24+ Months
2022 System
Average Open
36+ Months
Total Sales$570,373$606,546$515,629$523,137$551,240

How do you define territories?

We create geographically exclusive territories for our franchisees, so there’s never a worry about competing with other Bach to Rock franchisees in your area. A typical territory consists of at least 5,000 households with an average family income of $75,000 or more.

What kind of location is best for Bach to Rock?

We market to moms more than anyone else, so the best locations for our schools are places where moms are going to go anyway. Suburban strip malls anchored by big-box retailers are ideal.

How many employees will I need?

Typically, Bach to Rock franchises start out with one full-time music director and probably four to six part-time music teachers for a school with 250 students. With an enrollment of 500 students, you would probably add a full-time assistant director and have as many as 25 part-time music teachers, each working about 30 hours a week. Employees are scaled according to enrollment.

What’s my marketing support?

We rely heavily on grassroots marketing, making sure we get in front of moms — our target customer — by scheduling performances at family-friendly events and by conducting paid and organic search campaigns. Our emphasis on local networking means your franchise’s marketing costs will be lower.

How can I get a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document?

After filling out the form (located in the sidebar of our franchise website) a member of our franchise development staff will be in touch with you quickly for an initial conversation. If you both wish to proceed, you can request a copy of our FDD at that time.

Who are my main customers?

Middle- to upper-income families with school-aged children living in suburbs close to large metropolitan areas.

Where does Bach to Rock want to expand?

We have schools on both coasts, and we hope to build 500 of them across the country outside major metropolitan areas like Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix and so on.

Do I need any musical experience?

No. What we’re really looking for is someone with a passion for music and the arts, as well as for educating children. You’ll be hiring professional musicians to do the teaching, so your business experience is far more important than any experience you might have as a musician.

Can I hire someone to run my franchise?

Absolutely. Although we are open to owner/operators, the majority of our franchisees are investors who have hired someone to run their schools for them.

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